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#datenight #loveher

Thanks to my coworkers for my birthday present (my fav — cash) which turned into 4 jar candles from Yankee candle. This baby has my whole downstairs smelling like fall :) psst — Yankee candle factory is selling 4 large candles $44 for you bargain shoppers!

Spicy tofu — not bad for a food court lunch. #randomadventuresofbrit (at Premier Outlets, Charlotte NC)

Yes!!! #randomadventuresofbrit (at Premier Outlets, Charlotte NC)

Guess who can’t have a shot due to my lack of planning.. Ooops.. #thebigthreeone

Birthday dinner with the wife — much needed catch up date #salmon #pumpkinspicemartini (at Stone Mountain Grill)

Sometimes you just need a little JT while you’re getting dolled up …. #thebigthreeone round 2

Best trip yet … Spent $4.12// saved: $75.54. Really only went for the milk. Thankful they had restocked a bit! #superdoubles #harristeeter #coupons

Thankful for family time on my birthday. #thebigthreeone #missinganephew

Thanks to @harristeeterdeals and #superdoubles we were able to shop for two households plus donations :) Total spent: $25.01 // saved $158.03

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