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That’s some #tbt right there. Thanks to bilo fuel perks I paid the same price that I paid in high school

3 year old soccer game. @jackiepage94 @kwashington357 (at WCWAA Soccer Fields)

Happy Birthday to my sissy! @jackiepage94 #friedcheesecake (at New Zealand Cafe)

After breaking it in the porta john @carolinarebellion … I finally have it back. Sadly, fixing it cost Austin almost as much when he bought it. Note to self — walmart watches only at rock 3 day rock shows

Sad to admit that this had been sitting in our office for over a year & it’s seen more action from dust than it has from my feet. I gave myself the present of a shiny iPad with the agreement that i would use this. SOOO.. Day 1 is in full effect. Watching Scandal on netflix since I’ve heard so much about it …. @rainey4prez @glamdisaster I like it already!!!

Now I know why I had to dig to find the last box. $1.99 at Aldi & they are yummy!!! Now, if I can learn to make sushi we’d be set! #nomnomnom

Totally freaking addicted!!!! #partyforonesize #dousaflavor #wasabi (at Walmart Lancaster - Hwy 9 Bypass Wes)

We’re starting #tbt early — 2 hr drive home & Spotify = endless playlist/memory possibilities. Where were you when you heard this jammy jam?! #senioryear #class2000 @micahackerman #seniorweek #theattic #dirtymyrtle

My daddy brought me here when I was little. Swinging Bridge brought back a lot of memories. Thankful to have someone to share them with #dateday #ncmountains (at Mile High Swinging Bridge)

Local beer love #drinklocal #craftbeer #beerlover (at Appalachian Mountain Brewery)

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