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These remind me of my dad so much… We used to go to Myrtle & shop at the old IGA on kings hwy. He would always buy the essentials — merita bread, carolina pride sandwich ham, dukes & these (and Budweiser for him, of course). It’s crazy how we remember the smallest things… I miss him. #daddysgirl

Play date with this kid. Watching Ghostbusters 2 & driving Mimi craaaaaazzzzzyyy :) #familytime

Spent $12 … Saved $65.30 
Pretty pleased with that! #harristeeterdeals #superdoubles #coupons

Thanks to target & coupons, Wyatt is an extremely happy dog and we are happy parents! 18 bags of Beneful + 48 cans of Alpo + 28 tubs of Beneful for roughly $38 (and that’s even including my mixup & the cashier not taking off one of my coupons). That’s Wyatt’s area of the garage :) #coupons #savvysavings

One of my favorite snacks — strawberries + kiwi + mini chocolate chips #cookingwithbrit


New recipe Sunday — crock pot steak burritos (London Broil) & Copycat Chipotle Cilantro Lime rice #newrecipes #cookingwithbrit

It’s kinda crappy to get this email .. Especially since we’ve called and left messages at @fillmorenc to come pick up our card that we left on Tuesday. I guess now we know why… #shady #theygottheirtipthough #cashonlyfromnowon

Finished product — zesty hash brown muffins. Taking them to work for @kellypottssc birthday :) #cookingwithbrit

And for dinner…. Spicy Thai Noodles #cookingwithbrit

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